With over 15 Years of computer security training & experience...
Echelon Securities offers in house and in person computer security setup for 
Windows, Android, Linux. An unsecured computer or smart phone is asking for trouble, 
now and in the future, with 1000's of new threats daily...

Whether you are worried about general hackers, security & privacy invasions, 
or something more severe, targeting you, your family, or your business...

We perform prompt yet thorough computer security & privacy setup, security & 
privacy cleanup, infection prevention, security response, analysis, as well as 
personal training for smart phones, business, and personal computers in terms of 
enhanced privacy & security, malware cleaning & prevention, as well as telephone & 
in person consulting for what to be on the lookout for to prevent current & future 
problems or any questions that you - or your "friend" - may have. 

Others offer remote support which is insecure at best. 
We offer hands on, in person & discrete personal support.
We offer very competitive rates, starting from just $99. 
Our scheduling can work around Your Hours...Not just 9-5.

Non-Disclosure & Privacy Contracts are offered & adhered to.
Any services & consultations will be discrete & private in accordance with the law.

Echelon Securities is here for You.
God Bless.